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New Part(s), Machining and Manufacturing Services


With a specialty in gearing we're also proud to offer turning, milling, drilling, grinding, welding, bending and more. Large batch or one-offs, we're here to help. Having serviced many industries including forestry, oil & gas, fishing, mining, construction, transportation, racing, aerospace and more, we've seen just about everything. Unfortunately, we're also very familiar with rush jobs, so if you're in an absolute panic, go ahead and start screaming at us today! Email for a free, no obligation quote on your project. If you'd rather speak to one of us, you can reach Kurt Ross at 1 (604) 790-2613 to discuss your project. Feel free to email us a drawing, your best scribbles on a napkin, or fill out our handy quote form by clicking here. Thank you for supporting local manufacturing, that's good for everyone and you should be proud of that.




Contract Machining, Consultations


Servicing the lower mainland area of Vancouver, BC since 2018, MetalTeeth is the first and only contracting/machining business in BC. We bring our extensive industry experience to your shop, making sure your job gets done right and on time. For a competitive flat rate you can trust our Red Seal certified contractors to bring professionalism and efficiency to any project we're a part of. We work within your shops hours, creating a schedule that will see your parts finished before their deadline. Quality is more than a requirement of the job, to us, it's personal. We take a lot of pride in our work because we understand that when your parts look good, you look good. Let our work do the talking, book a free, no obligation consultation today and we'll see how hiring a contract machinist could benefit you.




The MetalTeeth Network of Shops


A dictionary defines the machinist as one with the ability to transform otherwise useless materials into magnificent pieces of art with a function. Creation is in our blood and sometimes we put our blood, sweat, and tears into our creations. MetalTeeth is a business built by trades people to empower trades people by making the trades more accessible, recognized and respected.

Gone are the days of the traditional factory worker. Today you can be running multiple machines while sending out quotes on your smartphone! That's our industry, it's like swimming upstream, if you're not moving ahead you're falling behind. It's impossible for the average small shop to specialize in everything, (including us), and that's why we've teamed up with awesome people like you around North America and we're always looking for more great shops, big or small, to join our team!

MetalTeeth sources new work and aims to bring overseas work back to our shores. Our team of experts goes through our catalogue of shops, identifying their capabilities, specializations, availabilities and such to choose the best suited shop for each job. Shops are considered on a job by job basis, and customers priorities will dictate the criteria that determines a shops eligibility. A request for quote is then sent out to the best suited shop(s) and once an agreeable price and/or deadline is reached, a purchase order is sent to your shop. We're here to help you bring more work to your machines and if you think that could benefit you, please sign up below! Registration is free, no credit cards, no fees, just fill out our form to the best of your ability and when we have work suited for your shop, we'll be in touch!




Servicing and Repairs


Having been in and around many different industries during our adventures, we have a strong understanding of most types of mechanics and machinery. Downtime is expensive, and breakdowns are not only costly but time consuming. We completely understand and that's why we're happy to offer you a limited service of on-sight inspections, servicing and maintenance to get you or your machinery up and running again. We will drive out to your shop or worksite, inspect your broken/damaged parts and give you our professional opinion on your best road to recovery. If for some reason we can't repair your machine or rebuild your broken parts we will do our best to help you find an alternate solution. We are extremely grateful that our services have been in high demand, however at this time scheduling is subject to availability as we grow our business to accomodate more service calls. Please don't hesitate to call or email and we will try our best to assist you. Thank you for your interest in MetalTeeth, your support means everything to us.


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